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Linear Fireplace Ideas (And How to Make them Work)

Linear Fireplace Ideas (And How to Make them Work)

As the use of gas fireplaces become more common, modern styled linear fireplaces have increased in popularity as well. A decade ago, linear fireplaces may have seemed like a novelty that would be phased out as quickly as skirts sold with pants attached. However, sales for linear fireplaces continue to grow.

How To Make A Linear Fireplace Work For Your Home

With the versatility and unique style a linear fireplace can bring to your home, it's no wonder these modern marvels have hung around longer than expected. If you have considered buying a linear fireplace but have some concerns about if it is the right choice for you, we hope that this article will address a few of the top issues adding a linear fireplace can solve.

If you have a large empty wall:

So, let's say you have a big, open living room. You found the vaulted ceilings of your dreams. You've painted every inch of the space. You've decorated it till your heart is content. Except there is one problem... a big problem. A giant wall that you don't know what to do with.

Though high ceilings may have sold you on the place, now you are looking at a wall that even Hobby Lobby doesn't have enough photo frames to cover. So, what do you do?

How To Make A Linear Fireplace Work For Your Home
large open room

Well, with the largest models spanning up to 100 inches wide you could consider a linear electric fireplace. Linear fireplaces, with an electric power source, are a fantastic option for rooms that have a contemporary feel, large open spaces and someone who has no desire to deal with the hassle of framing a fireplace in their wall.

They can be mounted on the wall very quickly and bonus, they require no skill to set up. All you have to do is follow the instructions given by the manufacturer, plug it in and presto, that giant wall is beautified and ready for your viewing pleasure.

If that weren't enough, electric fireplaces often come with color-changing backlight options! Hello, customization! With all of the unique features a linear fireplace has to offer, you'll transform that wall of yours in no time.

If you're renovating your house:

Now, you may have scraped the whole idea of working with what you already have and decided to do a home renovation instead. If that is the case, then I suggest thinking about installing a direct vent fireplace while you are in the middle of that rebuild.

A home renovation is the perfect time to install a new linear fireplace. While direct vent fireplaces are known for their heat efficiency, consideration has to be taken to make sure gas lines can be run through the structure of your home without major complications. Why not include that while you are restructuring everything else? You can install a direct vent linear fireplace right in the center of your living area and create a beautiful focal point for everyone to enjoy.

If you're limited on space:

What happens if you have the exact opposite problem of the first two scenarios and only have around 1,000 sq feet of space to work with? Don't worry, we have an option for you too! A vent free linear gas fireplace may be your best bet.

How To Make A Linear Fireplace Work For Your Home
big open room

Because ventless fireplaces have a 40k BTU limitation, you typically won't find them in sizes wider than 45 inches. Ventless fireplaces are great for heating smaller rooms or added as a nice accessory to a dividing wall.

They may not have as commanding of a presence as the 100-inch electric models or the framed direct vent fireplace, but they will quickly spruce up a smaller space and add a bit of extra warmth.

If you just want something pretty:

Modern, attractive, ethanol.

Three words you probably never expected in the same sentence. Though, a lot of people looking for a modern fireplace often do so because they want something pretty to look at versus a heat efficient appliance. Thankfully, if you want a modern fireplace, you can have a clean-burning, easily installed, attractive appliance all rolled into one when you purchase an ethanol fireplace.

How To Make A Linear Fireplace Work For Your Home
ethanol fireplace

Ethanol fireplaces are great for people who are not invested in putting a lot of effort into maintaining them because they require no electricity or gas to run! It's as simple as filling the burner with biofuel, lighting the source, and watching it glow.

So, if you need something pretty to look at but aren't ready to tear down walls to install a direct vent fireplace, then a linear ethanol fireplace may be the perfect fit for you.

After we walked through a few of the main problems people face when trying to choose a linear fireplace, I hope you are a few steps closer to making your decision and understanding which linear fireplace is right for your home.

If you have any questions about installation or pricing, please reach out to our NFI certified techs now! They are here 8:30a ? 5:30p CT to help you with all your fireplace needs.

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