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    Empire Medium Innsbrook Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert with Built- In Thermostat

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    The decorative surround is required to conceal the space between the outer edges of the insert and the inner edges of the fireplace opening.
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    • Product Features
      • Contemporary steel design
      • Attractive matte black finish
      • For use with Medium Innsbrook Vent-Free and Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Inserts
      • Dimensions: 37" W x 28 5/8" H x 1 1/2" D
      More InfoEmpire 6 x 3 Contemporary Fireplace Insert Surround - For Medium Innsbrook Vent-Free and Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Inserts
      Empire 6 x 3 Contemporary Fireplace Insert ...
      (add $101.70)
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    • Product Features
      • Contemporary steel surround for Medium Innsbrook fireplaces
      • Rich black finish
      More InfoEmpire Contemporary Black Steel Fireplace Insert Surround - For Medium Innsbrook Fireplace Inserts
      Empire Contemporary Black Steel Fireplace I ...
      (add $126.90)
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    • Product Features
      • Traditional cast iron surround for Medium Innsbrook fireplaces
      • Rich black finish
      More InfoEmpire Traditional Black Cast Iron Fireplace Insert Surround - For Medium Innsbrook Fireplace Inserts - SC33-6-BL
      Empire Traditional Black Cast Iron Fireplac ...
      (add $341.10)
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    • Product Features
      • Decorative front for fireplaces and fireplace inserts
      • Constructed with strong tempered glass
      • Striking black border
      • For use with the following appliances:
      More InfoEmpire DF-28-GBL Decorative Tempered Glass Fireplace Front with Black Border
      Empire DF-28-GBL Decorative Tempered Glass ...
      (add $413.10)
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    • Product Features
      • Decorative surround for fireplaces and fireplace inserts
      • Elegant three-sided 6 x 6 black frame
      • Clear glass panel
      • Includes louvers
      More InfoEmpire DF-28-LBL Decorative Fireplace Surround with Glass Panel
      Empire DF-28-LBL Decorative Fireplace Surro ...
      (add $256.50)
      View Product Info
    • Product Features
      • Decorative front for fireplaces and fireplace inserts
      • Elegant four-sided black metal frame
      • Clear glass panel
      • 1 3/4" depth provides a convenient transition to drywall, tile, and other materials
      More InfoEmpire DF-28-MBL Decorative Glass Fireplace Front with Black Metal Frame
      Empire DF-28-MBL Decorative Glass Fireplace ...
      (add $259.20)
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    Product Details
    Manufacturer: Empire
    Part Numbers: VFP28IN23LN, VFP28IN23LP
    eFireplaceStore Item Number: CUI-VFP28IN23L
    UPCs: 720968983756, 720968983749


    • Simple, classic style
    • Can be installed as a zero-clearance fireplace or as an insert in an existing fireplace
    • Realistic hand-painted ceramic fiber logs
    • 99% efficient Slope Glaze Burner produces up to 28,000 BTUs
    • Ultra-quiet variable speed blower
    • Can operate without electricity
    • Built-in thermostat provides precise temperature control
    • Oxygen Depletion Sensor automatically shuts off burner if oxygen levels become too low
    • Included banded brick liner gives your firebox a traditional masonry look
    • 5-year limited warranty
    • Actual Dimensions: 30" W x 22 1/2" H x 16 7/8" D
    • Minimum Fireplace Opening: 30 3/4" W x 21 1/2" H x 14 1/4" D
    • Surround Dimensions:
      • 6 x 3 Contemporary Steel: 37" W x 28 5/8" H x 1 1/2" D
      • 6 x 6 Contemporary Steel: 43" W x 28 5/8" H x 1 1/2" D
      • Traditional Cast Iron: 42 7/8" W x 29 7/8" H x 2 1/4" D
    * Please Note: This item is a vent free appliance and installation of it may be prohibited in your jurisdiction. Customers are responsible for checking local codes and regulations prior to purchase.

    *Also Note: This Model Cannot Be Used With An Optional Remote Control Or Wall Switch/Wall Mount Thermostat. A Rotary Knob Is Located On The Unit To Control The Temperature Setting.

    The only thing you need to in order to pick out this Medium Innsbrook Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert is a desire to get the absolute best heating appliance you can get for your money. Here are a few features this classically-styled insert can bring to your home that other inserts can't match.

    First of all, this versatile unit can be installed as a zero-clearance fireplace or as an insert in your existing fireplace. The realistic hand-painted ceramic fiber logs create a great look in the hearth while the extremely efficient Slope Glaze burner cranks out up to 28,000 BTU's. You'll get the included ultra-quiet, variable speed blower, a built-in thermostat for precise temperature control, and a brick liner that provides a traditional masonry appearance.

    Besides the bells and whistles, though, this insert also comes with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor to prevent accidents during operation and a 5-year limited warranty for long-term peace of mind. Whatever your needs or expectations may be, the Innsbrook can tackle them all.

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    Customer Questions & Answers
    50 Questions & 45 Answers
    from Point pleasant wva I asked:
    October 17, 2017
    Does this unit have a blower?

    from Fort Wayne, IN asked:
    October 11, 2017
    Does this model have an option for gas feed from the back? I have a deep masonry fireplace with an opening that measures 31" W by 25" H. If I need 30.75" of space for an insert, there wouldn't be room for a gas line on the right side.
    1 Answers
    This unit does not have the option for attaching the gas at the back.
    Brennan W.
    on October 11, 2017

    from Carbondale, PA asked:
    August 25, 2017
    Does this unit have a glass front?
    1 Answers
    No, this is a vent-free gas insert and does not offer a glass front, only a fixed screen, which is a standard part included with the insert.
    Tyler M.
    on August 25, 2017

    from Colorado Springs, CO asked:
    April 21, 2017
    I live in an area with 6500 ft. elevation. Will a ventless fireplace insert work here or will the oxygen sensor shut it down?
    1 Answers
    Vent Free units are not recommended for use above 4000 ft ASL.
    on April 21, 2017

    from Ashland, Ohio asked:
    February 5, 2017
    This is vent free so if I insert this in my fireplace do I have to close the chimney?
    1 Answers
    While you do not have to close the chimney, you do have the option to shut your damper if you choose.
    Brennan W.
    on February 6, 2017

    from Hunters, WA asked:
    January 2, 2017
    I am thinking of installing a vent free gas insert, and removing our pellet insert stove. Can the Innsbrook vent free insert heat our house all day?
    1 Answers
    What is the square footage of the home? How well insulated is it? What is your current consumption of pellets a season, and make/model of the pellet stove? This will help us determine what BTU output you would need.
    on January 2, 2017

    from Oak Hill, WV asked:
    December 18, 2016
    I have natural gas, but because of low crawl space, finding an installer is costly and difficult. In time, I can get a gas line installed for $1200. I could also install a propane unit, although it would be of limited use. The heat is only for decoration, or when heat pump is out. It needs to heat up to 400 sq feet of space, but only when temperature is in low teens. We live in southern West Virginia where the temperature is moderate. Should I purchase two 100 pound propane tanks, pay a plumber or install natural gas.
    1 Answers
    I apologize for the confusion, but are you wanting to know if it would be better to install two 100 pound propane tanks to serve this hearth system until the natural gas piping is installed? Please note that ventless hearth systems are not convertible between gas types, so the existing LP hearth systems could not be converted to natural gas at a later date.
    Will M.
    on December 19, 2016

    Robert Dunne
    from Voorhees, NJ asked:
    December 13, 2016
    I currently have a wood burning fireplace with an opening of 34" wide and 29" height. I would like to replace it with a gas insert, and it appears that the Vent Free are the least expensive. Are there any models that fit this opening, or fit and require additional fascia to close the opening?
    1 Answers
    Please reply with your fireplace depth (front to back) and your rear width and we can provide specific recommendations for a vent-free natural gas insert. Would you prefer to have a remote control to operate it or is using an on/off switch acceptable? I will look forward to your response. You may reply to this email or call me (Tyler) at 901-786-6861 to discuss.
    Tyler M.
    on December 13, 2016

    Cynthia Elledge
    from Pensacola, Florida asked:
    December 4, 2016
    I would like to add a blower to this fireplace.
    1 Answers
    This unit comes standard with a blower.
    Brennan W.
    on December 5, 2016

    Spencer Furby
    from Jonesboro, AR asked:
    November 23, 2016
    The opening I have for this fireplace is bigger than the insert. Is there anything that I need to put between the insert and the wall to keep any dangerous fire from happening? I know I can cover the gap with a kit, but do I need to insulate it or anything?

    Spencer Furby
    from Jonesboro, AR asked:
    November 22, 2016
    I am very interested in this vent free fireplace insert. We currently have a wood burning fireplace insert and we are taking it out to replace it with this one. The opening itself is rather large at 38 inches high, 45 inches wide, and 33 inches deep in total. With that size in mind, this particular insert should work, right? And I am right in understanding it comes with the blower and the logs as shown? Finally, this is going to fit into a drywall opening, not a brick opening. That should be fine, right?

    from El Cerrito, CA asked:
    November 18, 2016
    Can you send me suggestions for a vented fireplace insert between $1K - $2K, that would fit the dimensions of my fireplace: 28.5" (W) x 28" (H) x 18" (D).

    Norman H. Clark
    from Ft. Washington, MD asked:
    November 14, 2016
    What type of insert would recommend if we were without power?

    from Cloverdale, CA asked:
    October 26, 2016
    What are the dimensions of this unit? My rough opening is 37 x 29 inches.
    1 Answers
    This unit requires minimum dimensions for your fireplace opening of 30 3/4" Wide x 21 1/2" High x 14 1/4" Deep.
    Brennan W.
    on October 27, 2016

    from WI asked:
    May 30, 2016
    Is this unit linked to a tank of propane that is switched out when empty or is it linked to a natural gas line so that the fuel level doesn't need to be monitored?
    1 Answers
    You are able to choose between natural gas or propane as your gas type via the drop-down menu on the product page.
    Will M.
    on May 31, 2016

    from WV asked:
    January 22, 2016
    I bought this Empire medium Innsbrook vent-free gas fireplace insert with built-in thermostat and installed it. Now it will run for about 20 minutes and shut down. Any suggestions as to why this happens?
    1 Answers
    During normal operation, this model features a thermostatic bulb valve that will shut off the flow of gas to the burner once the bulb senses the temperature setting from 1-5 you have set via the rotary control knob has been reached. If you are aware of this and feel there may be an issue, this could also be due to insufficient gas pressure or a lack of oxygen in the environment available for the insert to operate.
    Will M.
    on January 22, 2016

    from Deltona, FL asked:
    December 13, 2015
    What are the dimensions of this Empire medium Innsbrook vent-free gas fireplace insert with built-in thermostat? My opening is 28 1/2 inches.
    1 Answers
    The minimum fireplace opening for this insert is 30 3/4" W x 21 1/2" H x 14 1/4" D.
    Will M.
    on December 14, 2015

    from Benton, KY asked:
    December 4, 2015
    Is there a remote you can use with this Empire medium Innsbrook vent-free gas fireplace insert with built-in thermostat in place of the built in thermostat?
    1 Answers
    This particular model can only utilize the built-in hydraulic thermostat for control. However, the same unit is available with a millivolt/standing pilot ignition system which offers optional remote control/thermostat choices. Please see below: Empire Medium Innsbrook Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert with Millivolt Controls
    Tyler M.
    on December 4, 2015

    from Sweet Home, OR asked:
    November 22, 2015
    We are interested in the Empire Medium Innsbrook for our fireplace that is 2 sided.. Would this insert be applicable for a 2 sided fireplace? What type of modifications would be necessary to make this work?
    1 Answers
    This would require two inserts being installed on either side, but no further modifications would be needed.
    Will M.
    on November 23, 2015

    from CA asked:
    November 21, 2015
    Can this Empire medium Innsbrook vent-free gas fireplace insert with built-in thermostat be used for an outside fireplace?
    1 Answers
    This insert is not meant for installation outdoors.
    Brennan W.
    on November 23, 2015

    from WV asked:
    October 25, 2015
    I have a gas valve that is not a millivolt compliant piece. Can I still use the alternate switch with this Empire medium Innsbrook vent-free gas fireplace insert with built-in thermostat?
    1 Answers
    Unfortunately, no. The thermostatic valves are not compatible with any peripheral control devices. I apologize for the inconvenience.
    on October 26, 2015

    from Chesapeake, VA asked:
    October 21, 2015
    I have been looking at your vent-free inserts. What is the difference between this Empire medium Innsbrook vent-free gas fireplace insert with built-in thermostat and the VFP28IN73LN. I have looked at the different pictures and different descriptions and must be missing something.
    1 Answers
    The difference between the two is that this unit will have a standing pilot which will allow it to operate without electricity, while the VFP28IN73LN will have an intermittent pilot that will require an electrical connection to operate.
    Brennan W.
    on October 22, 2015

    from Mena, AR asked:
    October 6, 2015
    Does this Empire medium Innsbrook vent-free gas fireplace insert with built-in thermostat come with a remote?
    1 Answers
    This unit does not have the ability to utilize a remote control. A remote ready version is available at the link below: Empire Medium Innsbrook Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert with Millivolt Controls
    Brennan W.
    on October 6, 2015

    from Quitman, MS asked:
    September 17, 2015
    Is there a remote available wit this Empire medium Innsbrook vent-free gas fireplace insert with built-in thermostat?
    1 Answers
    This particular version cannot utilize a remote, as the thermostat valve is not compatible with one. The remote ready version is the Empire Medium Innsbrook Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert with Millivolt Controls, which can use the Empire Battery-Operated Remote Control - FRBC to control the unit.
    on September 18, 2015

    from Eden Prairie, MN asked:
    March 28, 2015
    What does "vent free" actually mean? Does this mean that it does not have to be vented out through a chimney at all?
    1 Answers
    That is correct, you would not need to vent the unit. Vent free fireplaces operate at a level of efficiency that allows them to only put off water vapor and carbon dioxide. They draw combustion air from the room and exhaust into the room as well.
    Brennan W.
    on March 30, 2015

    from Kalamazoo, MI asked:
    March 12, 2015
    I have an existing wood burning fireplace that is 34" wide and 26" high. We are considering this VFP-28in fireplace. What accessories are needed to hide the gaps between the unit and the existing opening? Does this unit come with an opening bottom plate to access the controls under the burners? We would also like to purchase a remote control to use with this fireplace as well.
    1 Answers
    Assuming your fireplace opening has enough depth, this insert would work well. You may choose any of the surrounds from the drop down menu, below the fuel type selection. The 6 x 6 surround is by far the most popular, due to the clean look and symmetry it offers. The unit will come with the louvers to hide the controls at the bottom. This model uses a built in thermostat only, but a remote ready model is available. That version is the Empire Medium Innsbrook Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert with Millivolt Controls.
    on March 12, 2015

    from Greenville, SC asked:
    February 18, 2015
    We are trying to change our existing wood burning fireplace to use gas logs. If we close up the chimney and put in this fireplace insert where the wood insert is, would it work? Our current wood burning unit has an electric blower system.
    1 Answers
    This vent free insert can indeed be used in a wood burning fireplace in good condition. The flue should be closed and sealed to prevent any moisture intrusion.
    on February 18, 2015

    from Boston, MA asked:
    January 19, 2015
    My wife and I would like to purchase a gas insert with all of the necessary components. We would like logs, 3 sided brick and a matte finish front. The dimensions of our chimney are 35" W x 27" H x 18" D. We are heating a very small room so we would not need a fan. Would this insert suffice? If not, what would you suggest?
    1 Answers
    This is a very popular insert and should work well for your application. You can opt to leave the fan in the off position if you do not see yourself needing it to heat the space. I do recommend considering the millivolt version, which trades the internal thermostat for a more reliable on/off switch. The millivolt system can also be upgraded to remote control if you wish. That version of the unit is the Empire Medium Innsbrook Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert with Millivolt Controls.
    on January 20, 2015

    from Seaside, CA asked:
    December 31, 2014
    Are all vent free inserts banned from use in California?
    1 Answers
    Unfortunately, yes. Vent free appliances are banned for indoor applications across the entire state of California. We have had other customers purchase and install them anyway, but issues can arise if the installation is to be inspected or if the home is ever sold.
    on January 2, 2015

    from Hillsborough, NJ asked:
    December 11, 2014
    Does vent-free mean I don't have to open my chimney flue when I use it. If so, what are the advantages of a vented fireplace insert?
    1 Answers
    A vent free system is indeed completely sealed and does not rely on an open chimney flue to operate. The system is very efficient, but it is not intended for all installations. The unit relies on a large room with ample combustion air and should not be used for a period of more than 4 hours continuously. Longer periods can cause excess moisture in the air and have a negative effect on air quality. Vented systems are completely sealed from the room air and as such, they can be operated without a time limit. They have no negative effect on the room air. The only drawback is that these systems are not quite as efficient and involve the additional cost of venting components.
    on December 11, 2014

    from Winchester, TN asked:
    December 10, 2014
    Our fireplace measure 26 3/4" High, 37 1/4" Front Width, 31" Rear Width, 16 1/4" Depth at the top, and 19 3/4" Depth at the bottom. Which of the Empire Medium Innsbrook Ventfree natural gas insert with Millivolt controls do we need? Do we need the VFP20 or VFP28 model? Also, which surround do we need for those dimensions? Do we need an electric outlet nearby?
    1 Answers
    For your sizing, the VFP28 size of the Innsbrook vent free unit would be the model to use. Along with that unit, the larger 6 x 6 or the cast iron surround would be needed to completely cover your fireplace opening. The unit will indeed require 110 volts nearby. The unit itself does not required power to operate, but the blower will.
    on December 10, 2014

    from Marion, IN asked:
    November 22, 2014
    We are looking to buy this Empire Innsbrook Vent-Free Gas Fireplace and we wanted to know about the louvers. Do the straight louvers come with this unit? Also, we are wanting to purchase a wireless Remote Thermostat. Which ones you would recommend with this unit? We have an existing fireplace that already has the gas ran to it and are planning to replace the gas log set with this unit.
    1 Answers
    The black slatted louvers do indeed ship with the unit as standard, with optional decorative louvers available separately. In regards to a remote thermostat, I highly recommend the SkyTech 3301 Hand-Held Millivolt Thermostatic Remote Control with LCD Display. Empire uses the Skytech brand of remotes for their units and this model is a better version of the thermostat that Empire uses.
    on November 24, 2014

    from Blythewood, SC asked:
    November 13, 2014
    Is there a remote thermostat available for this insert to control the room temperature?
    1 Answers
    This model is built with a thermostatic valve only, however there is a version that uses a millivolt, remote ready valve. This model is the Empire Medium Innsbrook Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert with Millivolt Controls. The thermostatic remote that can work with this model is the SkyTech 3301 Hand-Held Millivolt Thermostatic Remote Control with LCD Display.
    on November 14, 2014

    from Charleston, WV asked:
    November 13, 2014
    What exactly is a surround? Also, the measurements for these are a little confusing. How are these measured exactly?
    1 Answers
    The surround is essentially a trim kit that fits around the insert and conceals the extra space between the insert and the fireplace opening. The 6 x 6 x 6 adds 6 inches to all sides, while the 6 x 3 x 3 adds 6 inches at the top and 3 inches at each side.
    on November 13, 2014

    from CA asked:
    November 9, 2014
    Where does this fireplace insert's gas vent to?
    1 Answers
    This unit burns its fuel supply completely and releases only carbon dioxide and water vapor to the room. Because it does rely on the room as a source of combustion air, operation of the heater should be limited to no more than 4 continuous hours.
    on November 10, 2014

    from Somerset, KY asked:
    October 12, 2014
    We are looking to buy a ventless propane insert and we are having a custom wall unit built for a TV with the fireplace and book shelves on either side. What precautions do we need to know before we have it built?
    1 Answers
    The best thing that can be done for your installation is to ensure that the wall unit is built in such a way that the television will be recessed behind the facing of the fireplace. In other words, when heat rises from the fireplace opening, it will bypass the television because it will be recessed far enough back into the cabinet. Also, most fireplaces require a certain amount of clearance from the fireplace opening to the mantel shelf. As such, the shelf should not be constructed until you have settled on a unit.
    on October 13, 2014

    from Williamsport, Pennsylvania asked:
    September 19, 2014
    I bought this stove for a corner. I understand most of the directions except for the installation of the switch. 1. Do I need to remove any parts to connect the two clips to their terminals? 2. Where is the spot on the appliance for the switch? Finally the brick material in the back on the bottom cracked. 3. Is it possible to purchase that piece or do I need to buy a complete kit? Please answer each question so I can finish my installation. I think this is going to be a great look when I am finished. :-) One more thing: Does the gas conduit have to be copper or can it be the connector kit you can buy for gas inserts?
    1 Answers
    In almost all cases, it should not be necessary to remove any components to attach the switch leads to the gas valve. There may be a jumper wire already in place between the TH/TP and TH terminals. The new connections will replace this jumper wire. There will be knockouts on the lower side surround panel that allow you to mount the switch. I will be happy to check pricing on the back panel by itself. However, I can attempt a warranty claim for a no cost replacement. If you would like to proceed that way, I will need the serial number from the unit, as well as a photo of the cracked panel. This unit can be connected to the gas supply with a flexible stainless connector kit.
    on September 22, 2014

    from Bluffton, SC asked:
    September 7, 2014
    Does this item come with a remote control?
    1 Answers
    This model uses a built in hydraulic thermostat and is not remote capable. However, we do offer a remote ready model, which is the Empire Medium Innsbrook Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert with Millivolt Controls. Any of the accessory remotes or wall switches listed under the accessory tab will work.
    on September 8, 2014

    from Kennett Square, PA asked:
    March 29, 2014
    How much propane would this use in an hour?
    1 Answers
    When running on the highest output, this fireplace insert will consume approximately 1/3 gallon of propane per hour. It will take about 3.25 hours of running this insert on high to use up 1 gallon of propane.
    Tyler M. - NFI Certified Specialist
    on March 31, 2014

    from MA asked:
    March 14, 2014
    Is this usable if my hearth has a chimney?
    1 Answers
    A chimney is actually required for some vent-free inserts, though of course it will typically not be used. This insert can certainly be used if your existing fireplace has a chimney.
    Tyler M. - NFI Certified Specialist
    on March 17, 2014

    from Saint Mary's, PA. asked:
    February 25, 2014
    I love this insert, but wonder how you ship. It is very hard for us to schedule a time for a truck shipment. Do you send UPS or could I schedule to ship it to my workplace or pick it up at ground terminal close by?
    1 Answers
    This insert would indeed ship via freight truck. However, you can certainly pick it up at the local terminal once it arrives. The freight company would call you once the shipment gets to the local terminal, and you would simply make arrangements with them.
    Tyler M. - NFI Certified Specialist
    on February 25, 2014

    from Westchester, PA asked:
    February 13, 2014
    Does this come with a remote?
    1 Answers
    This model does not. This version has a built in thermostat that is adjusted to a certain temperature and the unit will cycle at that temperature setpoint. There is a version that can use a remote or wall switch. That version is the Medium Innsbrook Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Insert with Millivolt Controls. This unit can be operated with any of the controls listed under the accessory tab on the item page.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on February 13, 2014

    from OH asked:
    January 30, 2014
    Does the Medium Innsbrook vent free fireplace insert come with front glass, or do I have to order from the list of decorative fireplace fronts? We are renovating a masonary fire place and if we do not have to order the decorative fronts, the customer would like to have ceramic cover the areas on both sides top and bottom.
    1 Answers
    This insert will come with a mesh safety screen, rather than a glass front. While there are a few vent free inserts on the market that have a glass front, most rely on the front being the only location where intake combustion air and heated output air will exchange. As such, as screen is used rather than glass. If you would like to build the unit in, rather than use a decorative front, we can manually remove the front from the order. Because there is not a way to do this when ordering online, I would need to place the order by phone and make the changes then.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on January 30, 2014

    from Maryland asked:
    January 29, 2014
    When you say built in thermostat, is it able to be set to any temperature by the consumer or is it predetermined from the factory?
    1 Answers
    This unit will arrive with a thermostat control that is fully adjustable by the consumer. You will be able to preset the unit with the control knob and it will cycle on and off, based on the temperature setpoint that you have chosen.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on January 29, 2014

    from Black Mountain, NC asked:
    December 9, 2013
    Can this insert use a dual burner log set with more than 4 logs?
    1 Answers
    Because the burner assembly and log set are built as an integral part of this gas insert, they cannot be substituted with another brand or style.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on December 10, 2013

    from Friendsville, PA asked:
    December 8, 2013
    What is the difference between the VFP28IN23L model and the VFP28IN33L model concerning the specs?
    1 Answers
    There are no differences in these two models by size or burner BTU output. The difference is in the valve. The model ending in "23L" (this insert) has a manually-controlled built-in hydraulic thermostat. The model ending in "33L" has a remote-ready millivolt valve that can accept an optional wall switch, thermostat, or hand-held remote control for operation. Both models have a standing pilot light.
    Tyler M. - NFI Certified Specialist
    on December 9, 2013

    from DeRidder, Louisiana asked:
    November 19, 2013
    The hole I have to put the insert In is 24" tall by 42" wide and I need a ventless insert that runs on LPG. Do you know of anything I could use with the set up that I have?
    1 Answers

    from Little Rock, AR asked:
    October 1, 2013
    Do the embers glow in the bottom or is it just flames?
    1 Answers
    Yes, this insert comes with embers in addition to the log set. You can see photos of the way they are configured with the log set and burner on page 27 of the owner's manual.
    Tyler M. - NFI Certified Specialist
    on October 1, 2013

    from San Diego, CA asked:
    September 14, 2013
    Is this unit available to be shipped and used in California?
    1 Answers
    While we are indeed able to ship this insert to California, we highly recommend you check with your local building code enforcement office. As you may know, vent-free gas appliances are outlawed in most of California. If you were to purchase this from us, only to be unable to install it due to local code, we can take it back but only under the terms of our standard return policy. Please see that here: Return Policy
    Tyler M. - NFI Certified Specialist
    on September 16, 2013

    from Strasburg, OH asked:
    August 4, 2013
    I have a gas or wood burning fireplace. My problem is the damper is cast iron and hard to reach up in the chimney. I would like a ventless fireplace to work in its place. How does you product work? Does the damper have to left open all the time? I would think it would let in cold air when not in use.
    1 Answers
    This vent free insert is a self contained appliance that will slide into your existing masonry fireplace. Once the surrounding flashing is installed, it will effectively seal off the chimney and firebox from the air in the room. The cast iron damper can be closed and sealed with insulation. Vent free appliances utilize room air for combustion, returning heat directly into the room. They are not recommended for small rooms or areas that are prone to high moisture levels. They also cannot be used in bedrooms. Because no heat is vented to the chimney, they are very efficient. The heater will have a built in thermostat that will allow the unit to cycle on and off, based on the temperature that is set.
    Collin C. - NFI Master Hearth Professional
    on August 5, 2013

    Customer Reviews
    8 Reviews
    100% (8)
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    100% Recommend this product (8 of 8 responses)
    By Linda from KS on March 20, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Great Product!
    Fit well and easily installed. Customer service has been very helpful with all questions.
    By Pamela from Candor NY on January 6, 2017
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Very beautiful insert
    I am extremely happy with my fireplace insert. It is absolutely beautiful. I am considering a remote bc I find it slightly inconvenient to remove the bottom panel every time I want to turn the fire on and off.
    By N.E. from GLEN ROCK on December 29, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Superior service
    Fantastic company to deal with, they keep you informed of delivery date and give specific instructions how to inspect package. Prompt response to questions after delivery. I would high recommend them.
    ProsExcellent after purchase service,
    By William G from San Leandro on April 15, 2016
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Nice Fireplace!
    Just installed and it looks great.. Very quick to ship, very professional, and easy to deal with!
    By Peg from Prospect, TN on October 15, 2015
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Fantastic Stove
    I can't say enough good about this unit. Installation went fast with no problems. Get is on sale before units go back to regular price. My installer said most chain stores are not handling propane stoves this year because the suppliers cannot meet the customers demand. So ordering online is the way to go.
    ProsEasy installation, few parts.
    By neal from alabama on September 3, 2013
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Simply the Best
    Prompt shipping and WOW what a beautiful fireplace! Thanks.
    Proseasy installation
    By J. Fagan Const, inc from LR, AR on August 24, 2013
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Exactly what our customer wanted in their new fireplace!
    By Audrey from Columbus Ohio on February 17, 2013
    I would recommend this item to a friend.
    Love It
    It is great and Beautiful. We were quoted $6000.00 to have a vented fireplace installed but chose to go the ventless route. It looks beautiful and warms the room.
    ProsWarms room Looks beautiful
    ConsA small smell

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