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About American Fireglass

Available in a variety of colors, these American Fireglass gems perk up a standard gas fireplace and personalize a less conventional decorative burner. There's nothing wrong with a traditional fireplace. But if you want to create a genuinely unique and dazzling hearth, consider American Fireglass Fireplace Gems. Regardless of how you use these glass hearth accessories, you'll love their breathtaking visual impact. American Fireglass Quarter Inch Glass Fireplace Gems are made using a tempering process that allows them to withstand long-term heat exposure without degrading or losing their color. This same process also ensures that these pieces of decorative American fireglass won't melt, create smoke, or emit toxic fumes when exposed to fire. You can enjoy the ambiance of these fireplace enhancers without concern for the safety of your friends and family.

Whether you've got a fireplace, an outdoor fire pit, or a modern gas burner. Founded in 2004, American Fireglass makes it easy to give your hearth an attractive personal touch. So go ahead, mix colors, experiment with arrangements. With these versatile gems the options are virtually limitless.