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Real Fyre 18" Split Oak Vented Natural Gas Logs Set - Match Light

Real Fyre 18" Split Oak Vented Natural Gas Logs Set - Match Light

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Product Details

Manufacturer: Real Fyre
Real Fyre Part Numbers: SG45-18-NONEN
Item Number: PTS-SG45-18-NONEN


  • Surface appearance mimics oak logs that have been split by an axe
  • Holes in top logs allow flame to come through naturally
  • Logs are made of high-quality refractory ceramics, expanded shales and aggregates, and use an advanced calcium aluminate binder
  • Logs are reinforced with steel rods for added integrity, maximum reinforcement, and breakage prevention
  • Comes with the Real Fyre G45 Triple T Burner which accentuates front ember presentation, adds depth to the flame, and maximizes warmth.
  • Light unit with a long match or lighter
  • Adjust flame height up or down to desired level
  • Manual valve needed (a key in your wall/floor or purchased separately)
  • 75,000 BTUs
For those of you who grew up either chopping your own wood or buying split wood and storing it for the winter, you can easily recreate the look in your own home without the hassle using the Real Fyre Split Oak Gas Logs by Peterson. Each set of gas logs looks like the split oak wood, cured for seasons that you remember. The logs not only look great, but are constructed of the highest-quality materials in the industry and reinforced with steel rods. The gas flames dancing realistically through the holes in the top logs provide the finishing touch. You don't need to give up the homey look of split wood and you don't need to break your back trying to fill up the woodpile. All you need is a set of Real Fyre Split Oak Gas Logs by Peterson and you and your family can continue to have your winters the way you like them.

The Real Fyre G45 Triple T Burner is a specialized gas logs burner that is similar to most high end gas log burners but adds an extra "T" shaped front burner which accentuates front ember presentation and adds depth to the flame, while maximizing warmth. With this cutting edge G45 burner, you will enjoy a more realistic looking fireplace by having an additional small row of front flames and more glowing embers.

This is a vented gas log set that must be installed in a fully vented wood burning fireplace. With vented gas logs, you'll enjoy a large, realistic-looking flame that operates with an open chimney flue, or damper. These logs, which simulate a wood-burning fire, are the most realistic type of gas logs but, just like real fires, lose some of the generated heat up the chimney. Vented gas log sets are the most popular type of gas logs sold. Professional installation is recommended.

Sets include handcrafted logs, custom grate, Real-Fyre Burner System, Granules (sand or vermiculite), Glowing Embers, grate clips/log locators, pan/connector kit and damper clamp.

This gas log set is a Match Light system and does not come with a pilot kit. The fire is lit using a long match or lighter while you turn on the manual gas valve either on the floor or in the wall. The flame height is then controlled by adjusting the key valve. If you do not have a valve currently, you will need to purchase either the AV-17 or the AV-18.

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Real Fyre 18" Split Oak Vented Natural Gas Logs Set - Match Light
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Micheal S.

Top Notch

The delivery process was second to none in that all of the logs arrived in better condition than I was anticipating, taking only two businesses days to arrive. I am literally astounded at the quality of both the service and the product that is offered by this company. These logs are simply amazing to watch and use.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Ginette W.

Not Flimsy

These logs look simply stunning as they sit in the hearth of our fireplace. Best of all, they are heavy, not flimsy and lightweight like other bargain gas logs. They are a great buy.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Lizette W.

Use It Nightly

I have decided that my satisfaction with this product is such that if I needed to go out and buy it all over again, I would buy the same product. Because of where we live, we find it to be a necessity to run this every night starting in late night and continuing until early February. What makes this product so special is that it looks so realistic, produces a fire that is nice and warm, as well as is able to prevent the messes associated with wood fires. The only negative per se is that the embers could look a little more realistic, but other than that, it is a great buy.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Gloria B.

Quite Authentic

What really amazes me is that when you look at the price and then compare it with the results that we get from this amazing product, it quickly becomes apparent that we did not sacrifice any quality whatsoever. Simply put, my husband and I could not be more satisfied with the results of this set of logs. Installing it was really quite easy, partly because my husband is quite the handyman when it comes to using tools. We did do some experimentation with regards to placement of the logs and the furniture, finally deciding to settle on a set up that really makes things look nice.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Collyn Z.

Not Too Difficult to Assemble

I have concluded after purchasing this log set that the appearance and functionality of Peterson gas logs is unsurpassed. Thankfully, there are many other positive attributes to speak about, namely the fact that the installation was extremely straightforward. The only thing that was a challenge was getting everything hooked up, but after that fell into place, the rest was a tremendous breeze. The comments since have continued to come, from many people looking on in admiration who feel that this log set makes my fireplace look simply stunning.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Allycia W.

Eliminates Cleaning

I will never cease to be amazed at the ease a person can operate this set of logs and get a fire going. Best of all, it looks amazing as it sits on the hearth of my fireplace.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
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