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Black 10 Candle Fireplace Candelabra
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Black 10 Candle Fireplace Candelabra

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Product Details

Manufacturer: Minuteman
Minuteman Part Numbers: X304100
Item Number: ADC-304100
UPC: 719908323592


  • Product Dimensions: 14" L x 19" W x 24" H
  • Product Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Black 10 candle fireplace Candelabra
  • Candles not included
  • 90 day warranty
Light up your home in style using a Black 10 Candle Candelabra from the Adams Company. These quality metal candelabras come in all sorts of shapes and styles for various numbers of candles, depending on your home's needs. Any of the candelabras, though, look great as a holiday decoration, as a centerpiece for a dining table or gathering, or just providing subtle lighting for any room in your home.

There is no substitute for candlelight when you want that warm, subtle glow lighting your home. Use this Black 10 Candle Candelabra to create an understated, inviting aura anywhere in your home that could use a little brightening up.

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Customer Q&A with Product Specialists

Jeanne from Germantown, MD asked:
Does this product have center pins?
Does this product have center pins?
This product does indeed have center pins as standard, which is the case with all candelabras that we carry. However, the pins can be removed with a side cutter or set of dikes.
Answered by: eFireplaceStore


Stephanie from Austin, TX asked:
What diameter candles will fit on the candle holder on this candelabra?
What diameter candles will fit on the candle holder on this candelabra?


Ellen from Anytown, USA asked:
Is this made of wrought iron?
Is this made of wrought iron?
Indeed it is. According to the manufacturer, this is made of hand-forged wrought iron.
Answered by: Tyler M. - Fireplace Specialist


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Customer Reviews

Black 10 Candle Fireplace Candelabra
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Emily H.

Simply Stunning

Once I got this candelabra into our fireplace, I couldn't believe how stunning it looked when lit. I highly recommend it.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Amanda B.

Pictures Don't Do Justice

The picture really doesn't do justice to the sturdy feel that this candelabra has. If you are on the fence because you think that it will be to flimsy to be heavily used, I encourage you to go ahead and see it for yourself.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Anne N.

One Spike Missing but Great Product

The shipping was great except that one spike on the candelabra was missing. The spikes are used to keep 3-inch pillar candles from toppling over. I bought the candelabra to create an interesting effect in my fireplace with electric 3-inch pillar candles (a cost savings compared to burning wax candles). To keep the electric candles from tipping over, I drilled holes in the bottoms so the spikes could hold the candles in place. Then I draped black, fireproof fabric over the candles (I cut slits in the fabric so the candles could slip through) which hides the wiring. Everyone loves the beautiful effect it creates when lit. If you don’t count the missing spike, it’s a well-made product.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Joshua W.

Holiday Cheer

After having some earthquake related chimney troubles, I was looking for something to give that festive feel to the fireplace over the holidays. I didn't really have the money to get the chimney repaired, so finding this at such a great price was a welcome sight. Look no further for holiday ambiance.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Bobby F.

Amazingly Sturdy

This product is amazingly sturdy and very attractive for used as well as unused fireplaces. I’m very happy with my purchase.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
By Lori T.

Gorgeous Look in the Fireplace

When looking at the picture, it seemed as thought the whole thing would be kind of flimsy. I decided to purchase it anyway, and I am glad I did. It feels like it could take anything you could throw at it. I have a black fireplace, and this makes the flames appear to float inside.
Star - 1 Star - 2 Star - 3 Star - 4 Star - 5
23 Reviews
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