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Real Fyre 30" Post Oak Outdoor Natural Gas Logs Set - Match Light

Real Fyre 30" Post Oak Outdoor Natural Gas Logs Set - Match Light

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Product Details

Manufacturer: Real Fyre
Real Fyre Part Numbers: POG45-30N-SS-NONE
Item Number: PTS-POG45-30N-SS-NONE


  • Round log with deep bark detail gives impression that logs have been cut from old oak posts
  • Holes in top logs allow flame to come through naturally
  • Logs are made of high-quality refractory ceramics, expanded shales and aggregates, and use an advanced calcium aluminate binder
  • Logs are reinforced with steel rods for added integrity, maximum reinforcement, and breakage prevention
  • Comes with the Real Fyre Real Fyre G45 Glowing Ember Stainless Steel Burner that is made for outdoor use.
  • Light unit with a long match or lighter
  • Adjust flame height up or down to desired level
  • Manual valve needed (a key in your wall/floor or purchased separately)
  • 98,000 BTUs
Rugged detail is the key feature to Real Fyre Post Oak Gas Logs by Peterson. These gas logs feature deep bark details on the exterior that give you the impression of a fire built from old oak posts that you cut in the yard. It's a distinctive, comforting appearance that puts you in the mindset of an evening on the farm or in the country. These Real Fyre Post Oak gas logs, of course, are backed by Peterson's commitment to using the best manufacturing materials, steel reinforcement rods, and superior surface detail. This is a really great look with unique detail. Real Fyre Post Oak Gas Logs by Peterson are the perfect choice for a distinctive look in any fireplace or home.

The Real Fyre G45 Glowing Ember Stainless Steel Burner creates dancing flames and a maximum glowing ember effect. With this cutting edge Outdoor G45 burner, you will enjoy a beautiful outdoor fireplace with dancing flames and glowing embers. Dazzle your family and friends with a beautiful set of fireplace logs in your outdoor fireplace! You'll enjoy many hours and memories gathering around the fire.

This is a vented gas log set that must be installed in a fully vented wood burning fireplace. With vented gas logs, you'll enjoy a large, realistic-looking flame that operates with an open chimney flue, or damper. These logs, which simulate a wood-burning fire, are the most realistic type of gas logs but, just like real fires, lose some of the generated heat up the chimney. Vented gas log sets are the most popular type of gas logs sold. Professional installation is recommended.

Sets include handcrafted logs, custom grate, Real-Fyre Burner System, Granules (sand or vermiculite), Glowing Embers, grate clips/log locators, pan/connector kit and damper clamp.

This gas log set is a Match Light system and does not come with a pilot kit. The fire is lit using a long match or lighter while you turn on the manual gas valve either on the floor or in the wall. The flame height is then controlled by adjusting the key valve. If you do not have a valve currently, you will need to purchase either the AV-17 or the AV-18.

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Real Fyre 30" Post Oak Outdoor Natural Gas Logs Set - Match Light
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By Dave
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Great Set!

...Items arrived as scheduled. There was no problem installing the fireplace and logs; and these create a great fire!


Easy installation with easy to understand instructions. No adjustments to the burners were needed and this created a wonderful fire.


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