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    TherMix Chimney Liner Insulation

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    When space is tight between the liner and your chimney and you are not able to use the conventional blanket-style insulation, using a ready-mix insulation is the key. Just mix this compound with water and pour it right between the liner and the chimney. This is the perfect solution for Ventinox VG, VFT and HiFlex liners as well as for HomeSaver relining pipes. One bag weighs about 44 lbs and contains 2.4-3 cubic feet of compound.
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    1 Question & 1 Answer
    from Minneapolis, MN asked:
    January 8, 2016
    Is TherMix tested to be left exposed in a smoke chamber if a bottom plate is not used?
    1 Answer
    Thermix is designed to insulate flexible liner, so there should really not be a reason that it would be left exposed to smoke produced in the smoke chamber. with a proper installation. If a bottom plate were not used, the liner should pass through the smoke shelf and damper and there would be no reason for the Thermix to be exposed to smoke.
    Submitted by: Will M. on January 8, 2016

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